Anti-Termite Treatment

Corrective Treatment (Post-Construction)


Corrective Treatment creates a protective boundary on the perimeters of your home. This treatment is done so as to create a barrier to repel these pests. Subterranean termites by far is the main cause of many damages around and in your premises. Be it office buildings, residences or industrial areas, we have the solution for you.


Our team will use an industrial drill to do drilling which goes right through the concrete slabs around the house creating a 0.5m to 0.7m depth and holes will be drilled 0.3m to 0.5m apart, then using our injection method to pump the chemicals right into the ground to create the barriers. After this procedure, the drilled holes will be covered in cement to ensure that rain water or any sort of liquid will not be able to penetrate into the ground.

Warranty Period

For all of our anti-termite services, Warranty Period will last for 3 years. Quotations also will include free annual inspection for this period of time. We recommend to conduct a corrective treatment every 3 years so as to protect your property. Feel free to contact us for a free, on site evaluation and consultation and to have a more in-depth and detailed proposal.

Termites have been going after your home for years.

One of the most common ways termites are detected is seeing mud tubes or termite trails.

Termite damage may not be as sudden or as violent when compared to damages from fire or storms.